There are whispers coming from our pals in corporate media that Biden may well declare a national climate emergency as soon as next week. We don’t know about you guys, but we are SO FREAKIN’ OVER any elected official declaring any sort of emergency like ever again.

Not. Happening.

Charles Payne gets it. Biden doing this would absolutely destroy what’s left of our dwindling and struggling economy, not to mention it would once again make Sleepy Joe out to be the authoritarian the Left kept trying to claim Trump was.

Yeah … we’re not worried about the vegan in the Viking hat.

Sorry, Liz Cheney.

Of course, a Biden zombie showed up to give Charles a hard time:

Imagine how dense someone has to be to STILL be supporting and TRUSTING Biden in any way.

There’s a good chance someone ate some paint chips here.

Just sayin’.

Charles shot back, politely.


Not quite though.


That has become the new symbol of troll.

True story.

Just like every other freakin’ lockdown our government(s) have put in place.

Just say no.



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