As Twitchy readers know, pro-abort Jennifer Driver posted a picture of a pro-life young woman at the airport sitting next to her in an effort to DRAG her. Driver was especially angry about the ‘black preborn lives matter sticker’.

Yeah, go figure.

Welp, we found the ‘bada*s b*tch boss’ on Twitter and her response to Driver posting her picture all over Twitter.

*chef’s kiss*



*this editor MAY have ordered the pro-life pro-woman sticker*

We adore her.

Gotta love it when a bully’s attempt to target someone on Twitter FAILS so spectacularly.

She is definitely NOT the villain here.

But nice try and stuff.

They. Lost. Their. MINDS.

There are a few pro-aborts in the comments shrieking at her (of course) but for the most part we just see a bunch of people cheering her on (and buying the stickers).

All day.

Yes, she was pissed about that sticker in particular.

They really do.

Crazy, we know.



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