We’re guessing Jennifer Driver did NOT post this picture of a pro-life woman sitting maskless on her laptop at the airport to show how awesome she is. Odds are she was looking for her pro-abort pals to applaud her for being brave enough to sit next to such an evil woman or something …

The stickers on the laptop are a beautiful thing.

Jennifer then shared the pro-abortion t-shirt she was wearing for sale from Abortion Stories.

And there were a few people who clutched their pearls and got all angry with her:

Yeah, caring about preborn black lives is totally out of bounds and mean and stuff.

OMG, NOT THAT! And suuuuure, someone she didn’t know at all totally took that picture just out of the blue. It wasn’t planned or anything at all.


The majority of responses she received were from people cheering the pro-lifer and mocking her for posting it.



She’s not at all.


We adore her.

How ever will she cope?!

Mean ol’ stickers!

But she claims someone else took the picture and she had NO IDEA.

Just one of those happy woke coincidences, right?

And then to post it on Twitter to make her the bad guy?


We love her too.



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