Some great company news from NPR, you guys.

They’re launching a disinformation team.


HA ha.


Alrighty, then you guys.

And if anyone knows about disinformation, it’s NPR.

The members of this new disinformation team of course include a bunch of people who are absolutely left-wing and some of them are outright hostile toward the right. So you can all imagine the sort of ‘fact-checking’ our pals at NPR are going to do.

Cue the House Judiciary GOP with a takedown:

Ooooh, that’s right. They said Hunter Biden’s laptop story was a distraction during the last few weeks of the 2020 election. They didn’t want to waste anyone’s time with it … in other words, they knew it was damning for Joe so they followed along with Big Tech and the rest of the media in pretending this was either a nothingburger or even Russian disinformation.

And they want US to take them seriously about disinformation.


That would at least make them honest.

We’re not holding our breath.

Taking them to the woodshed … now THERE is a tweet we at Twitchy can appreciate.



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