Media have moved on from using rape to lying about crisis pregnancies to push for abortion. Ghouls.

Their latest push is pretending doctors are too scared to perform actual medically necessary procedures for a crisis pregnancy because they’re scared the law will put them in jail. Now, if the media were really doing their jobs they would cover what the law actually says (and maybe even enlighten these supposed doctors who don’t seem to know how to do their jobs) but we know they care more about pushing pro-abortion propaganda than they do telling the story.

AG was good enough to take this latest story about a woman in Texas APART:

It’s dangerous.


You’d think a doctor of all people would know better.

They just can’t quite figure out overturning Roe was the right thing to do and that women who actually NEED abortions can still get them. Hell, women who just want them can still get them in every state.

They spread the misinformation because it gives them clicks and taps PLUS it provides the anti-life red meat their readers demand. Just spend any time on Twitter and you’ll see some crazy person with a Ukrainian flag in their name and a mask on their avi claiming women are DYING because whatever red state they’re hating on right now won’t allow women to abort ectopic pregnancies or something.

It is pervasive, and dangerous.



Fair enough.



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