It feels like more and more we’re not dealing with Left versus Right or even Republican versus Democrat.

We’re dealing with sane versus insane.

To be fair, people could have always been off their rockers as much as they are now, we just didn’t see it every day right in front of us. No no, we saw it at family reunions where a crazy aunt with two dozen cats would talk about how using hairspray was killing polar bears.

Thanks to Twitter, we see it all out in the open now.

Lucky us.

Who knew evil Manchin was so POWERFUL? lol

And yeah, no people will not be pulling their gas furnaces out of their homes. Sorry, not EVEN sorry.

We dedicate this to every person on Twitter who had to read this nonsense not once but TWICE because we’re covering it. Heh.


Take two.

Yeah, let us know how that goes over in Wyoming, Alaska, and Wisconsin … Heck, any state that actually has seasons.

Right? Government can’t save us from ANYTHING y’all. And putting her faith in them is almost as nutty as her tweet telling people to rip their gas furnaces out of their homes.

Come and take it.

It’s RIGHT up there. Yup.



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