Adam Schiff blaming evil oil companies for making Biden fist-bump with Saudis … wow. Dude, nobody made Biden put a stop to our energy independence. Ok, well that may not be true as we’re fairly confident Sleepy Joe isn’t making any decisions on his own but pretending this is not the case, Adam Schiff-for-brains’ tweet is stupid.

Democrats did this.

Biden did this.

And the only people dumb enough to believe otherwise are probably in the 25% of the country who still think Biden is doing a good job.

Dude, Biden did this. YOU did this. Suck it up.

Pretty sure they won’t be saving their as*es in November but it’s sort of fun to watch them try.

We laughed too.


Crazy talk, we know.

Glenn Greenwald with the mic drop:

Buying from the Saudis is Biden’s choice.

Oh, and propping them up.


Yeah, nobody buys the ‘evil oil companies’ talking points anymore, Schiffty. Better luck next time.



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