Wow. It’s really sad how insecure Biden’s press team is, especially White House Assistant Press Secretary, Emilie Simons. Remember when Biden read a line from the teleprompter, ‘repeat the line’, and Emilie insisted he said ‘let me’? Nobody bought that even though she pushed and pushed …

It was embarrassing for her so you’d think she’d let it go.

But no.

Instead, she drops a story from

That actually cites her as proof.

We. Heard. And. Watched. Biden. Read. A. Line. From. The. Teleprompter.

Must be nice to have a fact-check organization willing to fact-check big meanies and make you feel better about being wrong.

Oh, and of course she turned off replies …

How very confident of her.

It. Was. Bad.

Ya’ know what, let’s go to the tape:


There is no ‘let me’.


This administration is its own worst enemy.

That explains SOOOOOO much.



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