The Biden administration is working ALMOST as hard to blame Joe Manchin for their failed policies and ideas as they’ve worked to blame Putin for our high gas prices. Notice, that they’re not crediting Putin when these prices are going down …


Same people.

Jim Geraghty was good enough to put together a thread highlighting some of the real issues Biden has created in the country and they have very little if anything to do with the fact that mean ol’ Joe Manchin won’t let him pass ‘Build Back Better.’

Take a gander:

State of Denial.

State of Dementia.

We suppose it all works.


We won’t make a joke about men buying up all the tampons, we won’t make a joke about men buying up all the tampons, we won’t make a joke about men buying up all the tampons …

Considering Democrats like Ralph Northam crushed small businesses with their ridiculous lockdown rules we’re honestly surprised it’s this high. And let’s not pretend any of the EOs Biden signed has helped them recover, let alone thrive.

Democrats were willing to destroy the economy to get rid of the bad orange man.

And now we’re all seeing the results of what they were willing to do.

Sorry, not sorry.

So wait, it’s not mean ol’ Manchin’s fault?!

GOSH, we’re shocked. We were told if ONLY he’d sign off on the gigantic, expensive, overreaching legislation that all of our troubles would just go away.

Let’s go, Brandon.

This is terrifying, btw.

Gosh, seems pretty damn important to us.

But then again, we don’t need a scapegoat to keep from admitting the policies we’ve already put in place are destroying the economy and we’re not pretending some magical piece of legislation would just make it all go away.

In other words, we’re not Democrats or the Biden administration.

Psst, it’s Biden’s fault you guys. Not Manchin’s.



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