Manchin and Sinema are still blocking dangerous Biden policies in the Senate.


The 80% of us who benefit from those ‘evil Trump tax cuts’ owe them both a thank you card and maybe a pan of brownies. It’s hard in today’s political atmosphere not to toe the party line, so truly, kudos to these two senators.

Because the media and their fellow Democrats are raking them across the coals.

Not entirely sure why AOC felt the need to chime in, especially after the embarrassing day she had on Twitter over the whole harassment video thing, but here we are. Like Eric Swalwell, we should send HER a thank you card from Twitchy … so much fodder.

Pretty sure Manchin and Sinema care more about their states than AOC snarking at them on Twitter.

Also, please acknowledge the absolute restraint it took NOT to make a big juicy booty joke here.

OH NO, we just kinda sorta did.

Our bad.

Must. Not. Laugh.





Siri might have a hard time picking between AOC and Ilhan Omar …

Socialists never met a tax they didn’t like.



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