Cara Coren is not verified and therefore a rando who falls within our rule of not covering randos UNLESS their tweets are just that smart, funny, stupid, or horrific.

Always with the pronouns.

Oh wait, it gets better.


We’re not sure.

She’s GLOWING because she’s aborting babies.

You know who else glows? Pregnant WOMEN. Oh no, now we’ve gone and done it, we’ve instigated violence against the trans-community because we said women get pregnant. OUR BAD.

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads with how stupid this all is right now we’d see D.C. from our house.

Just. Yikes.

Yeah yeah yeah, we know, we shouldn’t be surprised when an abortionist is an awful person. Our bad.

Hrm, seeing a theme here.

Not sure why we found this so funny, but EL OH EL.






There it is.

Nobody should ‘glow’ over the idea of abortion.

That’s just … off.



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