Elon Musk tweeted something funny about Hunter Biden because let’s be honest, what we are seeing from his allegedly hacked iCloud is so awful if we don’t find ways to laugh about it we’ll never stop throwing up.

Here’s the tweet:

Basically making fun of Hunter for recording EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING he’s doing, saying, or writing however gross, cringe, or even illegal it may be. Seriously, who records themselves weighing out crack with a hooker in the room?

Don’t answer that.

Welp, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle for whatever reason felt the need to shame Elon for his tweet:

Sure, scold Elon over a tweet. Let us know how that works out for you …

Oh wait, we saw it in real-time:

Gonna leave a mark.

She tried firing back but yeah, no.

Blah blah blah.

It didn’t go so hot for her:

In fact, it went so badly that she called Elon a bully.


From The Hill:

Ruhle addressed her spat with Musk during her show on Wednesday night.

“It baffles me that a man literally on top of the world would waste time punching down,” the host said. “He may have more money than anyone on this earth, but he doesn’t have more time than you or me or anyone. So why waste his? Why not spend the earned influence and capital to lift people up, rather than behave like a bully?”

She can’t shame Elon into doing as he’s told so that makes him a bully. Alrighty then.

Someone get her some tissue and a big ol’ glass of Don’t-Start-None-Won’t-Be-None juice.



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