It’s been fascinating watching the media try and find the best way to make Jill Biden’s ‘taco gaffe’ go away. We all know if Melana Trump had compared the Hispanic community to breakfast tacos it would be every headline on every left-wing rag for the next month … maybe longer. But looking at the news today, it’s as if the First Lady never made a racist comment about a voting bloc Democrats desperately need.

And are losing.

Luckily, GOP candidate Mayra Flores is holding her accountable AND making us laugh at Jill’s expense.

Case in point:

Think Jill will learn from this? Yeah, we don’t either.

Her husband never seemed to figure it out.

Mayra also shared this from Yesli Vega, another GOP candidate running against Abigail Spanberger in Virginia.


Maybe NOW she’ll know the difference?


Of course, Democrats don’t see Hispanics as Americans.

They see them as a voting bloc, a group of people they can promise all sorts of things every 2-4 years, who they can take advantage of to keep them in power.

And gosh golly gee, they’re wrong.

So wrong.

The mic has been dropped.

We REPEAT, the mic has been dropped.

Annnnnd we’re dead.



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