HOO BOY, you know Democrats are getting desperate to use January 6 as a key talking point for the midterms when you see the New York Times writing a puff piece on the very questionable, Ray Epps. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist or a member of Q (da da daaaa!) to see there is something shady there with Epps. Especially with all of the videos of him encouraging people to break into the Capitol.

You’d think footage like that would make the committee’s and the media’s radar but instead, the committee is basically ignoring him and the media is defending him from evil right-wingers.

Can’t make this crap up.

Well, apparently you can, the New York Times did.

Tweep The Partyman wrote a short thread about WHY they did what they did and what the goal really was:

In other words, the media’s ‘talking points’ have gone out. Anytime someone (Trump, Trump supporter, whoever) brings up Ray Epps other media types can roll their eyes and say, ‘DUH, THAT WAS ALREADY DEBUNKED,’ and move on.

And they think we’re too dumb to see this.

Granted, people on the Left are but still.

Poor Ray, he’s the REAL victim here. HA HA HA HA HA

It’s totally not his fault evil right-wing media keep talking about him even though they’re just asking about why he was telling people over and over again to break into the Capitol. STOP PICKING ON THE INSURRECTIONIST and stuff!


The New York Times said so.



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