Welp, sounds like they found the rapist in Ohio who impregnated a 10-year-old little girl whose abortion has become the ‘theme song’ to the pro-abort’s latest attempts to codify Roe. Forget that the rapist is an illegal immigrant and that it was shortly after Ohio’s AG said they hadn’t heard a ‘whisper’ about this case that he was arrested …

The story itself has so many red flags we’re still not sure what to believe but we do know is this whole story has proven without a doubt, Roe needed to go. How many of these stories did we simply not hear about because Planned Parenthood or another abortion provider hid the evidence, protecting the rapists, sex/traffickers, etc.? We only know about this horrible situation because Roe is gone.

So thanks, pro-aborts?


No words.

Yes, we are about to find out how much abortion has covered for all of the other wrongs in society … wrongs Roe allowed to be hidden.

In just one state, you guys.

Sadly, it’s probably safe to assume Ohio is far from unique in all of this …

And again, this has been allowed to continue because hey, just get an abortion.

Roe was poison from the get-go.

Thank God it was overturned.



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