We know, it would be more newsworthy if Eric Swalwell WASN’T making a jacka*s of himself on Twitter.

But this is Twitchy and it’s literally our job to make fun of him when he says stupid stuff. Honestly, we should send this guy a plate of cookies and a thank you card for the endless fodder he sends our way.

Thanks, man, for being a complete lawn flamingo. You’re doing us a total solid.

Technically, if you look at the ranges Eric does fall into GenX HOWEVER, every single GenX’r who corrected him (or came at him) was more than happy to let Millennials have him. Seriously.

And c’mon, ‘come at me.’

Boring elected troll is gonna troll …

Dana Loesch dropped him:


This is an insult to GenX.



And yet, accurate.

So technically GenX HOWEVER a certain level of stupid should make him an automatic millennial.

Hey man, we don’t make the rules … ok, we do.


That being said, GenX is more than happy to let the Millenials have their ‘pioneer’.



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