If this is truly the mother of the victim … this story just went further off the tracks.

Watch this from Telemundo who is allegedly speaking to the mother of the 10-year-old rape victim that Democrats and pro-abortionists (same thing really) have been exploiting for the last few weeks to push their abortion-on-demand narrative.

She says the child is fine and that everything they’re saying about the accused, Gerson Flores, is a lie.

So is this a woman protecting her family? Is she ‘with’ the accused?

Or is there something else going on here?

At this point, we just feel so so so sorry for this little girl …

The little girl would’ve been just another victim Roe hid.


Why not?

Yes, but we’re not holding our breath waiting for the mainstream media to do their homework. They’ve got their arrest and all they care about now is dunking on those of us who are still questioning what really happened here.

Those of us who really care about the poor little girl at the center of the story and not how the story can be used to push abortion.



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