You know, we’ve decided Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is really her own worst enemy. She could have let this go but nooooooo, apparently she’s not getting enough (or the right) attention for her tweet calling out the comedian who harassed her on the Capitol steps yesterday SO she went to Instagram to ask men there what advice they have for OTHER men who want to stand up against abusers and harassers.

This seems weird but hold on a sec … it might all make sense here shortly.

‘Men on Instagram’ is funny in and of itself but then this came across our radar and you know what, that DOES look like her fiancé standing beside her when the ‘attack’ happened. If this really IS him, he did just sort of stand there like a lump on a log.


We suppose that could be some other pathetic loser who didn’t do anything to help her but yeah, this is strange. Is she asking Instagram men that question because he stood there and did nothing? Or is she really just this thirsty for attention and will get it anywhere she can?

Or is this all stupid and just more proof that everything is getting dumber every day?

Teachable moment. We like that.


Asking men on Instagram for advice for other men. HA HA HA HA HA




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