We get it, he hates Trump. But this crossed a line.

Imagine taking this much time to dissect any post from Trump, let alone a post where he was announcing his ex-wife’s death. You know what, don’t imagine that, only really broken, twisted, and horrible people would do that.

Hence, the guy who once mocked dead teenagers at an Ariana Grande concert and who is known for harassing a Target employee so badly an entire movement was founded to give her a free vacation for putting up with him.

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this from David Leavitt:

Yes, Trump’s tweets always read like this – lots of exclamation points. Maybe David missed the rest of the post where Trump talked about how amazing she was, how much their children loved her, etc. etc.

But you know, an exclamation point …

She was so proud of them, as we were all so proud of her.

His entire post shows he loved her.

He continued.



Get a life.

Classy right? One minute he’s criticizing Trump for not being more affectionate in his post and the next he’s joking about God taking the wrong Trump.

He was speaking about her …

If he’d have said, ‘our three children,’ a-holes like Leavitt would claim he was trying to make this post about himself.

Nobody cares, dude.

So edgy.

This though? With an assist from Cheri Jacobus?

Just ugly.

Good to see he hasn’t gotten any more decent, humane, or kind. And of course, Twitter continues to verify his account which means they’re AOK with what he posts.



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