Pramila Jayapal seems VERY disturbed at the idea of people who took out student loans having to actually pay them back. She calls it a burden, while ignoring the fact that if they did cancel this debt they would only burden taxpayers with it.

But either she doesn’t care about that or isn’t bright enough to understand.

Maybe we should embrace the power of ‘and.’

We absolutely can let this happen.

And we should.

Charles C. W. Cooke broke out the puppets and crayons to explain WHY we can let this happen in a thread.



No wonder Democrats love it.

Keep going.

Another excellent point.

Pleading, pandering, and begging for votes based on the idea of a gimme.

Again, not new for our pals on the Left.

They know, they don’t care.

Biden doesn’t have any idea who he should or shouldn’t listen to. At this point, we’d be surprised if Biden even realizes he’s in the White House …

Psh, let’s not pretend Democrats give one single damn about inflation.

They’ve proven they don’t.



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