Corporate media is all a-flutter about the possibility of Joe Biden declaring a national climate emergency as early as next week. We’re not surprised, these small-minded little critters love themselves a state of emergency, they proved that during the government lockdowns. Suppose without Trump to shriek about 24/7 (although they are trying with their silly Jan 6 thingie) they need some sort of drama to write about.

Meteorologist and actual climate advocate Ryan Maue put together a short but spot-on thread about what this could mean for our country (and it ain’t good):

In other words, since Biden can’t get his way within the confines of how our government works, he’s considering the authoritarian way.

Leave it to the Democrats.

All of which would destroy what’s left of our economy. While we do not want to believe that is Biden’s end goal, it’s harder and harder not to wonder what the Hell he’s doing and question why he would even consider such things UNLESS he does want to ‘reset’ America.

*adjusts tinfoil jacket – we’ve moved up from a hat*

Quite insane is a nice way of saying ABSOLUTELY bats**t.

True dat.


Oh man, if we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up.

Not. At. All. If he does this they might as well just hand Republicans both the House and Senate now … unless this is an attempt to somehow push for mail-in ballots by Biden. Hey, after watching them ‘fortify’ the election in 2020, we put nothing past these a-holes.

All of that being said, it doesn’t sound like he’s going to do it.

But you never know, he might.

Hard to know what to expect from this crap administration.

Stay tuned, we guess.



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