Pete Buttigieg is really and truly horrible at his job. Oh we know, since we are right-leaning we are predisposed to think he’s an absolute train wreck (pun intended) when it comes to … well, everything he does. But even people who supposedly support him are starting to get pissed off about his quite frankly evil, nonchalant take about people who are truly suffering at the pump.

C’mon guys, we should all just buy electric vehicles and stop complaining.

So says the elitest.


The more we suffer, the more likely they are able to control us.

They proved that during the lockdowns.

If that isn’t a fascist, authoritarian regime we don’t know what is.

And yeah, as we said up there, people are pissed:



It’s hot.

Sure, it’s summer and it’s supposed to be hot but since it’s super hot (in July), they think that means we have very little time so we have to suffer even more.

Or something.

Ironically, it would increase the cost of electricity which is powered by what?


Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Oh, and this morning he’s politicizing a heat wave …

This is what you get when you pick your cabinet members based on sex, color, creed, and/or persuasion.

We’re in trouble, folks.



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