Our pals in the Democratic Party, especially those currently in leadership, and globalist climate grifters have been using the same talking points to scare and control Americans (the world) for nearly 40 years. Maybe longer. So they’ll have to excuse us when we don’t turn off our air conditioners and give up eating meat when they tell us THIS TIME the world is coming to an end and it’s all our fault for changing our climate. Think about that for a minute, how freakin’ arrogant does someone have to be to believe they alone can impact our climate?

Don’t answer that.

We know.

He’s in the White House with COVID right now.

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Anyway, Daniel Turner broke down what they’ve been saying and doing around climate to scare us for decades in an infuriating thread.

All very convenient.

Keep in mind, that they were pulling this crap nearly 40 years ago.

Remember when Al Gore told us the polar bears would go extinct?

Good times.

The sky was falling then too? Huh. Who knew?

Nobody ever explains why they were wrong or even answers for being wrong. Look at the disaster they made of COVID. Still not being held accountable for that mess.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, they suck.

‘The solution means surrendering your rights for the greater good.’ Sounds like COVID.

It also sounds like Pete Buttigieg telling people to suck it up at the pump or just buy an EV.

Ding ding ding.


You pissed yet?

If not, you should be.



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