About that pregnant 10-year-old girl …

You know, the mysterious child who can no longer abort because of the evil SCOTUS overturning Roe? The nameless, faceless, little girl who was somehow magically allowed to gestate past six weeks who had to travel to have an abortion? The little girl the media and pro-aborts are exploiting to continue pushing for their abortion-on-demand agenda?

It has all sounded rather fishy, right?

Welp, PJ Media’s Megan Fox put together a fairly amazing, receipt-filled thread that casts a WHOLE lotta doubt on the story and even the existence of this pregnant 10-year-old.

Take a gander (it’s long, so get a snack first):

Obviously a crime.

But nothing about the criminal.

Weird, right?

Keep going.


They absolutely do love it. Any debate you have on Twitter with a pro-abort includes at least one tweet about how if you’re pro-life and ok with Roe being overturned you’re ok with forcing a 10-year-old little girl to give birth.

No, seriously.

Yeah, Twitter is dumb.

Back to her thread.


And spread it the fastest as well.

And what better ‘weapon’ against the pro-life movement than a poor 10-year-old little girl who had to travel out of state to abort …

Ugh, these people are just repugnant.

Keep reading.

Of course they did.

This is the same media that ran the Russian collusion nonsense for over FOUR YEARS.




Her first instinct was to call the media.

Not the cops.

Red flag.


Look at that, she was able to make her own prediction come true.


Remember the story we wrote about them? The journalist who came out against them?

Something stinks here.

Holy Hell.

She’s fighting to allow abortions in the second trimester.

Classy lady.

Starting to think this ‘doctor’ isn’t exactly on the up-and-up.

We’ll keep an eye on this and let you guys know if they get back to her.

We’re not holding our breath.



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