This thread from David Mastio is a pretty damn good read. Seems he’s on the outs with Gannett and USA TODAY and has decided to pull back the curtain on what’s been happening at the company, or as he put it, how the company is going off the rails.

Sure, it seems a little self-serving for him to do this NOW, but we’ll still take it.

Worth a read:

Demoted for a tweet.

Annnd nobody is surprised.

They demoted him for saying women get pregnant.

No, really.

Hey, we’ve been telling you guys the media sucks for years now …

People get tired of reading woke crap that tells them they’re bad people for things they have no control over.


Evolve, that’s cute.


Gosh, it sounds like they’re censoring conservative voices.

But we keep being told that’s only in our imagination and if we bring it up we’re WHITE NATIONALISTS and CONSPIRACY THEORISTS … REEEEE!

Bland, corporate liberalism.

That’s like the mainstream media all summed up, right there.



Luckily sites like ours have cartoon sections.

Did you know that? Go look!

Junior staffers aka recent grads who think they’re smarter than everyone else and who only push woke ideas and narratives.

Corporate wokism is killing everything.

But you guys knew that.

Sound familiar? This is happening all over and in every industry.

Good times.

Holy crap.

Classy as ever.

Poor, misunderstood pedophiles.


Imagine how stupid you’d have to be to think the phrase ‘pregnant woman’ is discriminatory or hateful.

And these are the stupid people running mainstream media outlets.

Tattled on him.

Threatened with a pay cut for saying women get pregnant.



They wanted him FIRED for believing and saying women get pregnant.

It’s equitable to swear at your boss or something.

Nobody wants to read that crap.

Fair point.

Hope their stock holders are paying attention.



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