As Twitchy readers know, John Harwood wrote an entire story about one economist who claimed since the government gave Americans so much free money they weren’t being impacted by the horrific inflation and were doing pretty good.

No seriously, he wrote it. Don’t believe us? Go read it and then come back

Ok, so you see the dude is whack. You probably already knew that if you’ve read anything from him but man oh man, his article claiming Americans shouldn’t believe their lying eyes about how broke they are in Biden’s America is really crap. Imagine how absolutely conceited and out-of-touch with real people someone would have to be to push such nonsense. That sums up our media and D.C. elite.

Sunny McSunnyface wrote a short, not-sweet, and kick-a*s thread dropping anyone who believes that tripe or tries pushing it to protect Biden and the Democrats leading up to the midterms:

Ever, ever, ever, ever. Never. Ever.

Pretty sure Sunny is saying EVER.

Got it?


Keep going:

White House poodle.


And there’s no amount of pretending it’s not being caused by our current ‘leaders’. Especially since things just keep getting worse.

Read his lips.


It’s certainly starting to feel that way.



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