Remember when the Biden admin tried to tell us their handy-dandy Ministry of Truth aka Governance Board of Disinformation would just be focusing on foreign disinformation from Russia and from human traffickers regarding border migration?

Well, we all knew that was BS but to see the EX-minister of truth herself claim otherwise?

No wonder Noam Blum called her out:

Gosh, that looks like domestic politics to us. Hey, we’re not a former Minister of Disinformation so what do we know but yeah … that doesn’t look like she just wanted to focus on foreign disinformation.

Nina snapped at Noam:

Oh, so he took it out of context. Alrighty.

But Noam had other thoughts …

That’s not how any of this works, Nina.

Mic. Freaking. Drop.

Because she only wants to engage with CERTAIN people.


We feel shocked.

This actually works.


It’s so unlike the Biden admin to lie like that, right?



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