Tammy Bruce used her own personal (and scary) experience to highlight how absolutely ridiculous New York City’s progressive policies on law enforcement really are. Sounds like someone threatened to kill her while she was walking her dog … and that’s awful enough but what happened once she called the cops (who did a good job, this is not their fault) is eye-opening, to say the least.

Take a gander:

Keep going.

Of course not. They’re not worried about preventing or solving crime …

They’re worried about making sure their police officers perform well.

Whatever the Hell that means.

Suppose we should just be glad they’re not attempting to defund them any further.

Or pretending social workers can replace police officers.

Reviews of the police.

While the city burns.

Yay progressives!

Scary stuff.

What a ridiculous city.


Tammy is right, we need to vote out ALL of these lunatics.



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