Ummm … who wants to tell Ron Klain he was wrong? Like REALLY wrong. Super-duper NUCLEAR wrong?

Oh, and for people who will absolutely defend Klain and say, ‘SEE, IT IS PUTIN’S FAULT, ARGLE BARGLE RAR,’ Putin didn’t invade Ukraine until late February and gas prices were going up long before and AFTER this tweet.

You’d think he’d be smart enough to delete something this embarrassing since they deleted the tweet from POTUS claiming 70k TONS of baby formula was on the way from Europe, but nope.

Twitchy thanks you, Ron.

So Ron, ABOUT those gas prices.

Thinking this should be Ron’s official title at this point.





Always bet AGAINST them.

Just sayin’.



So, THIS is embarrassing: Official @POTUS account makes an a*s of itself bragging about 70K TONS of baby formula (deletes but we got it)

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