As Twitchy readers know, Alex Falcone thought it would be clever, edgy,funny (we’re not sure) to make light of miscarriages by using them as some sort of warped proof that people surely don’t believe fetuses are people.

Welp, it didn’t go so hot for the writer nobody had really heard of until he wrote his nasty thread, so he doubled down.

And when THAT didn’t go well, he started playing the victim because people were being mean to him over his tweets.

Poor little fella. He’s the real victim here, not the families he cruelly used to make some half-a*s argument about abortion.

Edgy tweets mocking miscarriages aren’t a great idea. Gosh, who knew?

Can’t help but notice he didn’t bother to share the endless tweets from women telling him how thoughtless and horrible his tweets were, sharing their stories about miscarrying, and the very real trauma they suffered. Nah, he’s far more interested in pretending the bulk of the pushback was from crazy people who threatened his life.

Typical, they use one or two trolls to play the victim, and then their lame followers act SHOCKED at how mean pro-life people are and then mock pro-life in general for not being very pro-life.

Nothing he did here was the least bit original.

Oh, and now he claims he’s making donations to support abortion in Texas for every ‘dumb reply’ he gets. We’re going to assume he’s including women who have experienced miscarriages are his ‘dumb replies’ total.

Yeah, he’s an a*shead.

But focusing on the person who ‘threatened’ him is the only way he gets to play the victim here.

And that’s what matters most to sad little men like Alex.



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