We told you earlier about writer and comedian Alex Falcone and his utterly soulless, ghoulish thread comparing elective abortions to miscarriages and dehumanizing unborn babies and asserting that families who have lost an unborn child don’t really mourn their loss.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that upon having some time to reflect on what he wrote, Alex has come to realize that it was awful and he was wrong.

OK, that’s us being comedians now. Because Jones has in fact done no such thing. He’s only doubled down, and spat in more people’s faces just for good measure:

There’s nothing funny about Alex Falcone’s thread. Even pro-choicers — the intellectually honest ones, at least — recognize that a miscarriage is a loss of life. And for Falcone to revel in the anguish countless families have experienced is downright vicious.

Or, if he doesn’t want to listen, he could just shut up. We’d actually recommend it.

To be fair, Alex Falcone is evidently pretty good at being wrong. And he evidently enjoys it quite a bit.

Alex Falcone is most definitely a corncob.

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