Alex Falcone is a comedian and writer who has appeared on “Portlandia” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” We’re not sure about the former, but judging by his thread today on pro-life advocates, he’ll be a repeat guest on the latter:

Alex doesn’t strike us as the sort of guy who has any shame to speak of, but just in case, we’re screenshotting the whole thread:

We honestly couldn’t care less about the number of followers Alex Falcone has. The only thing that matters is that he’s suggesting that he’s talking up abortion by minimizing miscarriage, and twisting the knife in families who have suffered tremendous loss by dehumanizing their unborn loved ones.

We’ve seen some truly sick takes from pro-aborts, but Alex Falcone’s thread belongs in a class of its own.

And when you’re dealing with a bottomless barrel like Alex Falcone, it’s a long, long way down. Hell’s already cleared out some space for him, at least.

It’s really difficult to see it any other way.

It doesn’t. Which leaves us with no choice but to conclude that Alex Falcone is inhuman.

Nor would we.

To pro-aborts, lives are disposable. The unborn’s lives have no value.

Even pro-aborts’ lives, like Alex Falcone’s, have value. Though we can’t for the life of us understand why they’ve chosen to use their lives to advocate for death.

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