Red states didn’t shut down the lives of poor kids of color during COVID to appease crazy teacher’s unions.

It’s just the truth.

While states like (then blue) Virginia shut down schools and kept kids out of the classroom for nearly two years to make teacher’s unions happy, red states like Florida, Texas, and Wyoming kept their schools open and refused to give in to the pressures of the Left, the unions, or the CDC. Looking back, the EVIL red states who put the kids first did the right thing.

This thread from Batya Ungar-Sargon nailed it:

‘… while blue states radically increased the gap between them and their rich counterparts to protect the feelings of teachers making $82k a year.’

That’s infuriating.

And probably why blue states like Virginia flipped red but we digress.

Watching the Left caterwaul about equity while they pushed the most inequitable ideas, policies, and choices was one of the more annoying things about the two-year COVID shutdown.

Biggest transfer of wealth and resources from the lower classes to the elites.

Let that sink in.

Pretty safe to say the Left has become the party of the rich and the elite. They are no longer the party of the working man … and unfortunately for our pals in the Democratic Party, the lower classes are beginning to figure it out.

November can’t get here fast enough.



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