Yeah, we know you know Adam Schiff sucks … but it’s been a long time since we got to write about the Schitt Head so we thought we’d take this opportunity.

Can never quite get enough of the Schiff jokes, especially since we know how mad Adam used to get when Trump would tell them.

Seems Schiff wants to move the discussion away from the bigger story around the leak and USE the information that was leaked to play politics, and that’s namely trying to pack the court. When Democrats don’t get their way they don’t try and work within the system (because they know the system was built to protect Americans from their crap ideas) so they always want to CHANGE the system.

Keep in mind, this a-hole lied, lied, and then lied some more about Russian collusion:

There it is.


Richard Grenell was good enough to drop ol’ Schiff, and he just needed one tweet to do it.

Americans absolutely know all about Adam and his attempts at manipulating the system to maintain power.

Remember when he got trolled by some radio DJ who claimed he had naked pictures of Trump?

Good times.

There it is.

Hey, this is an insult to human sideshows.



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