Kamala Harris thinks people (including women) oppose Roe because they want to punish women and take their rights away.

Notice she says nothing about the real reasons people oppose Roe like protecting the most vulnerable, cherishing life, etc.

We knew it would be bad but WOW, this is really bad so we’re guessing Kamala probably wrote it herself.

Seems pretty politically convenient, eh? Oh, and it was just 24 hours ago Kamala tested negative for COVID ..

After the WHCD but in time to come out and make a bunch of noise about this leak.


*adjusts tin foil*

Gonna guess Kamala and her ilk can suddenly define exactly what a woman is.

Don’t it?

Dude, it was never really ‘on’ the rails.

Her supporters are less than impressed, FYI:

But Republicans and stuff, REEEEE.

Maybe even people on the Left are starting to figure out this admin is a joke.

C’mon man, she released a statement and tweeted it out.

What else do you expect her to do?



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