Yeah, we’re starting to think AOC doesn’t understand how any of this works.

We get it, she’s trying to rally the pro-abort troops and use this conveniently timed SCOTUS-leaked ‘gift’ to enrage the mob and get them to give a damn instead of noticing Biden’s inflation is slowly but surely destroying the economy.

Every time she tweets like she knows what she’s talking about she just opens herself up for all sorts of trolling.

And Twitchying.

Let’s be honest here, AOC. People elected Democrats because they were told Trump is a big meanie head. That and Democrats promised them all sorts of free stuff like they usually do.

And if she wants to hold corruption accountable she should start at the White House.

Biden’s legal authority? Huh?

She kept rolling:

People’s futures are on the line.

No, the people who have yet to be born? Their futures are on the line, Sandy.

Short, sweet, legit.

Been wondering that ourselves for a long time now.

See? We said that too.

Who knew?

Ain’t it though?



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