Jokes are not violence. Sorry, not sorry.

There was a time a loooooong time ago in this country where people actually had a sense of humor. RIGHT? Shocking. Comedians were flush with content and fodder and never had to worry about offending someone to the point of being slapped.

Like what Will Smith did to Chris Rock.

This all stems from an environment the Left (including Hollywood) have embraced, enabled, and even empowered that gets easily offended by … everything.

Imagine thinking a joke is violence.







It was not about degrading a black woman.

She continued:

Just … wow.

Steven Crowder jumped into the fray:

Pretty simple.

But when you’ve got a lot of stupid people saying a lot of the same stupid stuff well … it just gets stupider.

Case in point:

Actors shouldn’t be role models for our kids, but we’ll take the guy who made the joke who kept his cool over the a-hole who smacked him over a joke in front of millions of people any day.

Crowder is spot-on.

The issue isn’t violence – it’s ‘immoral violence’ stemming from cowardice.

From far too many people in the entertainment industry bending the knee to the outrage crowd and even BECOMING the outrage crowd themselves.



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