The Academy sure has a funny way of showing they don’t condone violence of any form. Not only did they not kick the guy who assaulted one of their hosts out of the event, but they also gave the guy an award and let him talk about love and cry about how he’s grateful and stuff for being an actor. He also said some weird stuff about the Devil …

You’d think if they really didn’t condone violence, Will Smith would have been escorted out after he struck Chris Rock and they would have taken his ‘statue’ away from him.

And they wonder why people hate Hollywood when they release a statement like this.


You can imagine how this went over:

Oh yeah, and arrested.

We left that part out up there.

Right? They applauded a predator.

Granted, these are the same a-holes who worked with Harvey Weinstein for decades and said nothing but still.

We’re not holding our breath.


What he said.

Gosh, it’s as if everyone thinks the Academy is full of bull.



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