Rep. Matt Gaetz has some big plans for if and when Republicans take over the House in November. We’ve seen several people talk about the House impeaching Biden when they take the majority (Afghanistan, COVID, Russia, gas prices, etc.), but we’d only ever seen people sort of ‘joke’ about Trump being Speaker of the House.

Interestingly enough, anyone can be nominated and selected to be Speaker of the House, they don’t necessarily even need to be in an elected capacity.

Crazy stuff, right?

That’s probably why they’ve lost their minds over this from Gaetz:

Trolling or serious, Matt got under their skin in a BIG way. lol

Poor Malcolm Nance.

It could.

And the way things are going with Biden (and his abysmal approval rating) one could say it’s even likely.

Ok, so we’d say that just to watch people like Nance freak out and throw a fit.

Sort of like his followers:

Didn’t these same people use to like totally worship Garland? HA HA HA HA

What a fickle group.


That’s this editor’s personal favorite. The only people who have ever really believed in QAnon are on the Left MAINLY because it vindicates their hatred for people who think differently from them. If they can pretend Republicans are the crazy ones they can hate openly because we deserve it.

Oh, good. It’s Kathy Griffin … said nobody, ever.

Well, bye.

If only the people who keep promising to leave when someone they hate is in office actually followed through.


Oooh, and tweeted in CAPS even.

They mean business.

Awww yes, it’s Garland’s fault he can’t somehow make Trump go away.

Democrats tried for years to impeach the guy but GARLAND … you know, the same guy they claim Republicans ‘stole’ a SCOTUS seat from? His fault.

Such simple little creatures.

Keep telling yourself that.



See what we mean?



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