We’ll give Jay Perk credit, at least he’s open about being a complete toad and admitting he is so politically broken and hateful that he hopes Clarence Thomas dies. The rest of the Left wants to babble about the damage Thomas has done, how his wife is BIG EVIL, or whatever … and a few of them have joked about rooting for the infection that put him in the hospital, but from what we’ve seen, Jay is the first to say the quiet part out loud.

Oh, he’s repugnant, but at least he’s honest.

And the tweet is still up.

Yes, he’s a rando.

And yes, we typically try and avoid writing about randos.

But also yes, this tweet is really awful so … you know the rules. Here we are.



Poor Jay.

Special, isn’t he?

Like a real sweetie.

You know, if he had said something like this about RBG, Sotomayor, or Kagan his account would already be toast BUT since it’s ok for the Left to cheer for the death of those they disagree with and lob disgusting racial slurs at people on the Right he’s still ‘standing’.

And whining that he’s the victim because people are pissed at him.

POS seems accurate.

This is an insult to sad, pathetic little men everywhere.

Heh, good point.

Or, look upon their works and point and laugh.



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