Just. Wow.

Beyond the whole Will Smith/Chris Rock ‘altercation’ everyone is talking about this morning, this editor was taken aback by two sponsors of last night’s Oscars. The commercial spots are very expensive, so it takes very deep pockets to buy a spot, let alone SPONSOR the star-studded (Thunderdome?) event.

Gosh, Pfizer and BioNTech must have had a really good couple of years. Wonder why that is?


Not even trying to hide it.

Proud of it even.

WHOOHOO! You guys, in a way we sponsored the Oscars last night.

Ok, well the 47% of us who actually pay taxes did.


What a wise investment this has all been. *eye roll*

Oh, but it is.

YAY again!

And unfortunately, it’s not all that entertaining right now.



You KNOW we just witnessed a terrible, horrible, no-good, very BAD Oscars when George Takei sounds ALMOST like a voice of reason

BOOM –> Ricky Gervais tweets what HE’D have said if he hosted the Oscars and after Will Smith SMACKED Chris Rock it’s even FUNNIER now

‘Oh YES you do’: The Academy claims they do NOT condone violence in Will Smith/Chris Rock statement and HOOBOY that’s a lotta backfire

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