Wow. We never thought we’d see the day when George Takei tweeted something we agreed with. Ok, so we ALMOST agree with him.


He’s right that when people look up to you, you should try and be a good role model. The idea though that kids look up to actors as role models? Eh. Maybe some? But when we think role model we think about important people like … ok, there has to be someone out there worth looking up to.

Freakin’ 2022.

Even more than an ‘Oh my,’ eh George?

If he of all people thought it was bad … it was awful. Will Smith in one ‘slap’ ruined his own reputation and harmed Chris Rock’s as well. And all over a joke because people in Hollywood can’t take one.

Right? We had to check to see if maybe Hell had frozen over.

That. ^

Right? And it is pretty funny that George Takei of all people is lecturing others about being a good role model. Has George met George?

The Oscars feel less and less like a real award show and more and more like a Disney/Nickelodeon production. Throw in some green slime and it’s a done deal.

Will Smith really could have used a mom tonight.


And there’s the reality of what we saw. People who have been domestically abused have heard many a speech from their abusers that sounded like Will’s … talking about love, and the Devil (what the Hell?), and weeping openly.

There is no excuse for what he did.



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