When ‘Daniel’ asked Twitter to retweet him if they wished Ricky Gervais was hosting the Oscars, thousands of people hit the ol’ retweet button.

Maybe even this editor.

Ricky was good enough to share what he would have said if he’d been asked to host, and when you see what he wrote, you know EXACTLY why the cowards didn’t invite him. Maybe if they weren’t such big babies Will Smith wouldn’t have attacked Chris Rock over a JOKE, but none of them can handle any sort of perceived criticism because they spend much of their time in their elite, protected bubbles. Ricky was good for them, he told them the truth about who they are …

And he would have again if they invited him:

And then the uber-rich spoiled brats would have laughed uncomfortably.

Ricky continued:

‘Except poor people, obviously. F**k them.’


It’s funny because it’s TRUE, but let’s not pretend anyone in Hollywood has cared about being funny or the least bit entertaining for a long, long time so the truth is irrelevant to them.

Oh, and this morning whilst everyone is chitting and chatting about Will Smith attacking Chris Rock over a joke, Ricky himself shared this:

We all know Will wouldn’t have come after Ricky like he did Chris because they all know Ricky doesn’t GAF about offending any of them.

This is why they haven’t invited Ricky to do any more hosting.

Clearly, Hollywood can’t handle the truth even though it might have been the one thing that could save them.



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