Any guy who tells you that a ‘real man’ would assault another man who happens to be a freakin’ comedian for simply making a joke DURING THE OSCARS has no idea what the Hell a real man looks like. Then again, anyone still this mentally broken by a guy who hasn’t been president in over a year probably isn’t worth listening to in the first place.

Professor (yeah, we weep for the future) Michael McDonald apparently wishes Ted Cruz had violently assaulted Donald Trump for saying mean things about his wife. Does this mean he’d be ok with Trump physically assaulting the THOUSANDS of people who belittle his wife every day, still to this day?

Promoting violence to own Ted Cruz. Not a great look, prof.

We joked about Trump Derangement Syndrome for years never really understanding that it’s a very real thing. This editor simply couldn’t comprehend being so broken by a single man, let alone a politician. But it is the Left …

Super manly and stuff.


Every single time.

Sadly, it may well be.




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