But you know, there’s no CRT being taught in schools.

Honestly, any jackwagon who sees this will be more than happy to point out that this is ONLY training for teachers, and it should have no effect whatsoever on the classrooms they teach in.

Nope, not any effect …

And then they’ll call you a racist for being concerned that it’s used even in training for public school teachers. YAY 2022!

I can go shopping alone and be sure that I won’t be followed or harassed.

Is that in a store requiring masks still? Asking for a friend …


Who comes UP with this crap?

Oh but wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to take a look at the second page.

Are they claiming police officers and landlords are only white people?

We’re clearly not experts but this is a pretty damn racist ‘test’.


People who make money on racism, who benefit from racism in their careers, NEED racism to continue. They need to perpetuate the idea that there is this divide between people because of color, and that this divide is all white people’s fault.

And then, they use this divide to claim we’re all racist and if we deny we’re racist, that makes us super duper racist.

Convenient, yeah?


We made a similar face.



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