Peter Strzok is the LAST person on this PLANET who should be accusing anyone ELSE of literally ANYTHING. This dirty mofo was all over the media for months because well, he’s a dirty mofo. So the nerve of him smearing Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson is quite honestly off the charts.

He just sucks.

Note, Peter actually blocked this editor (he’s so tough) which you KNOW only made us want to cover his stupid tweets more.

Then he tried to drag Glenn Greenwald.

Without tagging him of course because he likely has him blocked as well.

As we said, so tough.

He finished off his sad little thread with this little nugget.

Mother Jones.



Peter is definitely projecting his own ugly all over other people.

Ooh ooh, we know!

Sadly, yes. Yes, we CAN believe it.

Dirty cop.

That works really well.

Fair question.

Inquiring minds wanna know.



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