Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took time away from her busy day being amazed by garbage disposals and claiming Republicans make fun of her because they want to date her to write a thread about subsidies, evil oil, capitalism, and other stuff she wants us to think she understands.

And maybe on planet AOC this all lines up.

But in reality?




AOC hates subsidies unless those subsidies are for green energy.

Cheaper alternatives? Has she seen the price of a Tesla? Oh, of course she has, she has one.

So people buying homes and/or landlords are evil and ‘gobbling’ properties up.

Alrighty then.

Our medicine WAS getting cheaper under Trump.

Biden stopped all of that. *shrug*


Wait, what?

Missed it by THAT much.

She likes those things.

Big time.

Yup, agreed.

That. ^



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