For the past five years, Colin Kaepernick has tried his hand at being a social justice warrior, pandering to anyone and everyone willing to shake their tiny little fists at ‘the latest outrage’ in hopes that he will somehow be the best at doing something since he’s fairly mediocre when it comes to being an NFL quarterback. That was what this was all really about ya’ know, Colin wanted to pretend he wasn’t more successful in the NFL because of RACISM, not because he’s just ‘meh’ when it comes to his position.

Apparently, he’s only ‘meh’ at the whole social justice thing as well since he’s begging the NFL for a job now.

You know, the same group and sport he accused of being like slavery?

Guess how this went over.

Seems weird, yup.

Right? That sort of seems like common sense to us.

That’s exactly what he sounds like.



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