Gosh, no wonder we’re not seeing more about the crazy person who stabbed two employees at the Museum of Modern Art.

He’s not the right political persuasion.

Sort of like that Christmas Parade ‘crash,’ right media?

From Gothamist.com:

The man who allegedly stabbed two employees at the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday was a Broadway usher and passionate critic of former President Donald Trump whose recent social media tirades had worried some of his friends, several people who spoke to Gothamist on Sunday said.

Security footage released Sunday showed the enraged suspect, who police identified as 60-year-old Gary Cabana, leaping over the museum counter, cornering two employees and plunging a knife into them as they tried to escape. He fled the building and remained at large Sunday, the NYPD said.

Sounds like he has a history with MOMA …

Sure, we figure anyone who stabs someone else for no real reason isn’t all there, but this Branch Covidian is … special.

If this dude’s social media posts are REAL, just wow.

Dude talked about putting no-maskers in concentration camps.

Probably should have sent up some red flags, just sayin’.

Oh, and his response the day AFTER it happened?

Holy crap.

There’s more.

Holy crap again.

And it sounds like this maniac is still at large.




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