Ask a stupid question … yadda yadda yadda.

We realize Ol’ Man Piddle Pants was ‘preaching to the choir’ with the DNC but this was lame, even for the Democrats. Maybe he’s getting cranky with people asking his supporters (all 81 million of them, right) to name ONE thing he’s done right.

Watch this dumpster fire of a dope:

The same tools who are running Sen. Louise Lucas’ account (VA, take a look, trust us) must be running The Democrats account because WOW, they are bad at Twitter.

Oh, and as for those supposed crickets? Seems people can name a LOT of things the Republican Party stands for … not just one.

Pretty much.


Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like Republicans can name way more than just one thing they stand for. Suppose we should just be glad Biden didn’t ‘whisper’ this one.

So does this mean we’re pouncing? Someone wanna ask the MSM?

Because Republicans DEFINITELY pounced on this one and LOL.



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